Welcome to open-etech.com. The purpose of this web page is to share experience in developing embedded products using processor/micro-controller and FPGA technologies.

Currently, open-etech covers the use of eCos Operating System [1] in embedded products and the use of Eagle [6] for schematic and PCB design. Future sections on FPGA related topics will be added as well as trials of other RTOS such as ChibiOS/RT, FreeRTOS [21], uCLinux [22] or RTEMS [23].

Current eCos projects include a port to Xilinx [15] microblaze soft processor and the SmartFusion evaluation board (cortex-M3) from Actel [14]. Latest source code is available from the bitbucket.org repository, check the eCos projets section for more info. The eCos HOWTOs section is regularly updated. Upcoming chapters will be related to file-system usage, TCP/IP stack or eCos GDB stub.

Feel free to send your comments/questions through the contact form. Older web site updates are located here